The Devolution of the Canadian Survey Post

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Note: This Blog Post has been reposted from my training log and was originally published in 2019. The context is that all survey posts were found within a 10 square kilometer area just outside Whitehorse, Yukon territory while working on an orienteering map. 1946 In the years following World War Two, the times may have […]

Sprint Camp 2018 – Part 1

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Friday: Travel Day and O-Tervals Training We left Salmon Arm for Vancouver at around 9:30 in the morning, giving ourselves plenty of time to travel along the snowy highways and a quick stop at COSTCO (if such a thing exists) in Kamloops to pick up some groceries for the weekend.  The roads ended up being […]


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Decided to resurrect the blog.  This felt more appropriate here than on Attackpoint in my Training Log.  This post has mostly been written as a mental self-reflection, where writing helps me to organize thoughts (and allows me to not study for my Statistics Midterm tomorrow). Yesterday I received an email which stated the athletes selected […]

Helsinki Part 2

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I’m getting a bit behind on blogging… Saturday: no luggage, suppose to come on flight from Oslo this evening. On Saturday,  I was feeling pretty tired, didn’t sleep well, woke up at 5 and couldn’t get back to bed, so didn’t do all that much.  I spent much of the morning prepping for the jwoc […]

A Day of Firsts – June 28 and 29

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1. First time leaving the country by myself (and flying by myself). 2. First time I have seen 3 oceans in one day. 3. First time north of the Arctic circle (the sun never went down on my midnight flight!) 4. First time having the airline lose my luggage. 5. First time in Europe.  Now […]