Helsinki – A(n In)Complete Guide Map (Based on a 6 Hour Walk)

Here is a hand drawn summary map of Helsinki, with everything you need to know. Just give up on finding a bathroom anywhere. Probably to be expanded westwards tomorrow.

For the next time you visit! Tourist density based on number of seagulls, size of garbage cans(a direct correlation) and density of ice cream stands.

Day in a Nutshell:

My luggage has yet to show up, they havent found it yet, so I figured I’d just walk around Helsinki today. I started at around 9 am, and got back around 3, with a few breaks to people watch and have lunch. Checked world orienteering Championships, psychological results (way to go Damian!) and then had a nap before supper.

Harbour Access, with jurassic park looking zoo in the background.

Helsinki is decent sized, old buildings at the middle, and younger further out. Surprisingly large number of smokers, and cigarette butts everywhere. The waterfront is quite nice, public access is kept well, very little private access. 

Waterfront panorama. Referencing map above, $$$ boats on right, $$$$ yachts on left.

Land use: A few Greenspan especially, but most everything is 5-9 stories tall and made of brick. No skyscrers beyond 15 stories anywhere. Bottom floor almost always used for commercial purposes, with remaining higher floors residential or office space in downtown core. Business signage is understated, small which keeps the character of the town, but makes it a tad difficult to find things. One exception was a Mercedes Benz logo way up in the air above all the rooftops. 

Typical street. Tram, cars, parking. 1 level commercial, 4 residential.

Statues/monuments: all over the place. Especially naked copper turned green statues are a dime a dozen. Some monuments are only Finnish, others have 5 languages on them. 

The statue from the “somedays you are the pigeon (or seagull), some days you are the statue” memes.


  • In Salmon Arm: cyclists<pedestrians<smart cars<normal cars<pickup trucks
  • In Helsinki: cars<pedestrians<cyclists<busses<trams
Rent a bike and leave it in any other rack. Good idea, but rarely used, most racks full. Only saw 2 in use. Locals all have their own bikes.