A Day of Firsts – June 28 and 29

1. First time leaving the country by myself (and flying by myself).

Ready To Go!

2. First time I have seen 3 oceans in one day.

The pacific 

3. First time north of the Arctic circle (the sun never went down on my midnight flight!)

Greenland… I think? Maybe the Arctic ocean.

4. First time having the airline lose my luggage.

It was only a 50 minute layover, with the first plane arriving half an hour late, so not really a surprise.

5. First time in Europe. 

Little park near my hostel

Now off to explore Helsinki,  meet up with the rest of team Canada, and then off to junior World’s! 

Bonus First. First blog post not written on a computer (hence little text cause typing on touchscreens just doesn’t compare).