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95% Certain, your weekly podcast about all things science and society.  Hosted by Reginald Woods.

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About Us

We are a group of individuals working towards bringing science to society, and society to science. We tackled today’s newest discoveries, and their impacts on humanity.

Our Team

Reginald Woods

Our amazing podcast host, this man is a certified genius who may be 100% fictional.

Caleb Wale

A founding member of 95% Certain, Caleb serves as a scriptwriter, primary voice actor, and background researcher for the program.

David Bakker

95% Certain visionary and founding member, David works mostly in the background as a researcher, script writer, website host, technology support, and occasional voice actor.

Ella Alfonso

A recent addition to the 95% Certain team, Ella acts as a script supervisor, editor and contributor, as well as performing external research, excel guru stuff, and also voice acts on the show.